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Pete Mac’s best-selling book, The Intrinsic Money Solution: The proven methods for changing the mindset that is keeping you broke, was published in March 2021. It quickly became a hit, becoming a best-seller within hours of its release.

In this book, Pete shares how the power to change your financial destiny is inside you right now. He proves that anyone, regardless of their educational or social background can truly experience success if they choose to.

You’ll discover that your financial past doesn’t have to be your financial future. You can start with nothing or even be in debt and still have the ability to create wealth.

This book is packed with practical and easy to implement techniques that will help you go from experiencing lack and scarcity to attracting abundance effortlessly.

Intrinsic Money Solution

In this book you will discover:

  • What you must understand about money so it flows to you easily
  • What wealthy people who had no unfair advantage whatsoever, have in common and how you can model them
  • Why wealth has nothing to do with your education nor your upbringing
  • Why not having an unfair advantage at the start of your wealth creation journey is actually a good thing
  • The myths about wealth people debunked, so you can finally create wealth and abundance, guilt-free
  • The biggest obstacles that stand between you and achieving your financial goals, and how to eliminate them

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